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The New Challenge fro WingsSails!


3D Modeling Open-Leech Aerodynamics-Simulation
For Luderitz-Speed-Challenge-2013

WingsSails SPEED-FIGHTER-M8 5.0 meter for Cyril Michel

WingsSails welcome Cyril Michel

Cyril is a waterman in the South of France, with great skills in many disciplines of surf, very fast in various disciplines, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing... He has great skill, great passion and a great enthusiasm!

"Cyril MICHEL! 8 M, return in colaboration with WingsSails! to research and development for the speed sails! There is one of the lightest competitors of speed, and upwind of the best! That it's launching a new challenge and pass the 45 + knots WITH a new speed weapon the WingsSails SPEED-5.0-FIGHTER! ..... stay tuned "